History and Background

AAAA is a new legal organization, established in 2023, dedicated to serving the Asian American legal community nationwide and enhancing the social status and influence of Asian American lawyers. The establishment of AAAA has received support and assistance from many enthusiastic lawyers and social activists, and it is a non-profit organization.
The original intention of establishing AAAA was to establish connections and mutual assistance among Asian American lawyers, promote communication and cooperation among them, and improve their professional skills and practice level. At the same time, the association also aims to promote the role and value of Asian American lawyers to the public and government agencies and to safeguard their rights and interests.
The establishment of AAAA is in response to the trend of diversity and globalization in American society. With the rapid growth and rise of the Asian American community, the Asian American lawyers group is becoming more and more important and influential. The Association hopes to promote the development and progress of Asian American lawyers through its own efforts and activities and make greater contributions to the community and society.