Missions and Goals

  • Provide support and services for Asian American lawyers, promote their development and success in the field of U.S. laws, and also aim to provide legal help and education for the Asian American community and the public. The goals of AAAA include establishing and maintaining a strong network of Asian American lawyers, promoting communication and cooperation among lawyers, providing various resources and support for members, and helping them achieve success and growth in the legal field.
  • By organizing various activities and seminars, improve the professional skills and practical level of Asian American lawyers, and promote their career development and progress.
  • Promote the role and value of Asian American lawyers to the public and government agencies, enhance society's understanding and trust of Asian American lawyers, and protect their rights and interests.
  • Provide legal services and education to help the Asian American community and the public understand and resolve legal issues, and protect their legitimate rights and interests.
  • Promote diversity and inclusiveness, support and encourage lawyers from different backgrounds and cultures to participate in the Association's activities and work, and promote understanding and communication between different groups.
  • Promote the development and growth of the Association, provide more and better services and support for Asian American lawyers, and increase the Association's influence and status.