The membership qualifications of AAAA include:

Practicing attorneys

Applicants must be practicing attorneys in the United States and hold a valid state Attorney license.


Applicants must have a strong interest in and concern for the Asian American community.

Support for the mission of the Association

Applicants must support the mission and objectives of the Association and have a willingness to participate in its activities and work

Membership Process:

Fill out the membership application form

Name, Email, Phone Number, Desired Professional Committee, City of Residence, Personal Bio (via registration portal)

Sign up

Review application

The membership committee of the Association will review the application and confirm that it meets the membership requirements.

Notification of application status

The membership committee will notify the applicant of the application status in writing. If the application is approved, the applicant needs to pay the membership fee and sign the Association's bylaws.

Welcome new members

The Association will welcome new members to participate in various activities and work of the Association, and provide necessary support and resources. New members can also choose to participate in various committees and working groups of the Association, actively participate in the affairs and work of the Association.